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Godown of Aggarwal Tent House Gutted in Fire
21 October, 2017
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant
Watch: Aggarwal Tent House Godown gutted by Fire on next to Diwali Night.

Fire tenders reached on time and controlled the fire with great efforts.

सिरसा के बाईपास रोड़ पर इंडस्ट्री एरिया में एक टैंट हाउस के गोदाम में आग लगने से गोदाम में रखा सामान जलकर राख हो गया। गनीमत यह रही की एक दम से लगी आग का पता चलते ही गोदाम में रह रहा मजदूर परिवार गोदाम से बाहर निकल गया । नही तो जानी नुक्सान हो सकता था। फ़िलहाल दमकल की 6 गाड़िया मौके पर पहुची और 3 घण्टे की कड़ी मशक्कत के बाद आग पर काबू पाया जा सका। आग लगने की वजह शॉट सर्कट या पटाखे के कारण बताई जा रही है। आग के कारण लगभग 20 लाख का नुकसान बताया जा रहा है। वॉयस -01 अग्निशमन अधिकारी एस के लाम्बा ने बताया कि 20 कर्मचारियों मदद से विभाग की छह अग्निशमन की गाड़ियों से आग पर काबू पाया गया / उन्होंने बताया की आग इतनी भयंकर थी की करीब दो घंटो की कड़ी मशकत बाद आग पर काबू पाया। उन्होंने बताया कि यह आग अग्रवाल टेंट हाउस के गोदाम में लगी थी। गोदाम का सामान तो जल गया लेकिन आसपास के और गोदामों को बचा लिया गया। Interview 01 एसके लाम्बा , अग्निशमन अधिकारी। Interview -02 अग्रवाल टेंट हाउस के मालिक संदीप अग्रवाल ने बताया कि नौकर द्वारा उन्हें सुचना मिली कि गोदाम में आग लग गई है। उन्होंने बताया कि आग लगने से उसे करीब 20 से 25 लाख का नुकसान हुआ है। उन्होंने बताया कि जिस गोदाम में आग लगी , उसमे कीमती सोफे रखे हुए थे और इस आग से करीब 200 सोफे जल कर राख हो गए। उन्होंने बताया कि आग लगने के कारण का अभी पता नहीं है लेकिन शायद शार्ट सर्किट या फिर पटाखे की वजह से आग लगने की संभावना है। बाइट -02 संदीप अग्रवाल , मालिक टेंट हाउस।

Avoid Corruption to Promote your Nation-Dr TN Chugh

Avoid Corruption to Promote your Nation-Dr TN Chugh

22 October, 2017
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani

Avoid Corruption to Promote your Nation
Corruption is unjust, illegal, illogic, dishonest, mental criminal performance by a person who is holding a trustworthy and authorized position, generally to acquire personal benefits. Corruption involves the wicked actions of bribery, embezzlements and fraudulent conduct by those in power. The masses generally understand this criminal activity as duplicity, fraud, delinquency, valiancy, manipulation, subversion, misrepresentation and degradation of conduct. This is another form of tyranny.
Causes of Corruption:
Style of corruption is searched and implemented through wicked persons for illogical benefits. It covers politicians, public servants, CEO of companies, the team of leaders at different working places, the administrators, admission officers at educational institutions and hospitals, coaches of various play teams etc. The situations or the persons which allow corruptions may include:
•          Low economic freedom associated with low degree of integration. It may lead to increase in cost of goods and services.
•          Higher level of bureaucracy. It involves misuse of entrusted funds and power.
•          Police corruption may be designed to obtain financial benefits and other personal gains like career advancements. It may lead to arrests on illegal drugs, prostitution and other anti social activities.
•          Inefficient administrative structure due to degradation of resources and illegal working of government institutions.
•          Instability in politics. This category weakens the aspects of democracy and proper governance. The politicians may play frauds to avoid true elections.
•          Weak rights for poor population. Weakness In certain aspects of democracy is due to low political transparency.
•          When eminence in education is not prominent. The misconducts may affect illegal admissions, election campaign, results, and violation of social measures.
•          High level of in-group favoritism and connection of large population belonging to a particular race or religion.
•          Inequality or differences between groups in society due to levels of money, advantages political or judicious status.
•          Ill relations with corrupt neighboring countries.
•          Low level of freedom of journalists of news papers, TV channels, approach on internet, and process of printing books.
•          Escapism from tax paying.
•          Corruption in labor unions and even in religious organizations.
•          Approach on judicial enquiry and decisions. It may be related to misconduct of employees through giving or receiving bribes, improper sentencing of convicted criminals or wrong judgment on misconduct. It may bring unexpected changes in rule of laws, public administration, inefficient provision of services etc.
Styles of Corruption:
It can make the corrupt persons more susceptible for blackmail and extortion.
Bribery—It can be taken as kickback in the form of significant and strong reactions to illegally pay money in return of work or help. Bribery may be due to company shares, employment, entertainment or political benefits. It makes the officials harmfully affected.
Cheating and embezzlement--- It involves access of fraud using deception to convince owner of funds and assets to give them up unauthorized purity. It may also include a process of stealing money, culprit responsible or that belongs to your employer.
Blackmail using threat--- It may be fear of imprisonment as well as exposure of personal secret or prior crime.
Group association--- People bringing effective way of seeking admissions, jobs, migration to other nations, attempt to corrupt formal hiring process etc. Certain persons find to work on telephones and network, face book or what’s- up message.
Certain situations involving high technology, certain disorders and confusions.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you want to test a man’s character, give him his power.
Eminent steps to make our country free from corruption:
Corruption is omnipresent and global phenomenon. It becomes a key detergent and has a problem in the progress of a nation. The annual report of corruption is issued through International Transparency Index, which conveys that India is ranked badly among 180 nations. The International Anticorruption Day is observed annually on 9th December to fight and raise awareness to corruption since 2003. The precautions include removing the causes of corruption.
1.         Avoid temptations and selfish motives.
2.        Prepare Anticorruption policies.
3.        Improve business environment.
4.        Create better response in philosophical and religious thoughts.
5.        Transparency is the collective solution to our problems on corruption. Success is the sum total of inspirations and learning attained in the course achieving it.
6.        Both Government and the people at large must come collectively to achieve this national objective.
7.         Honesty always pays honor and corruption dishonor.
8.        Guidance from father, mother, teachers, learned members of society and religious prophets can eliminate corruption.
9.        Statesmen think for progress of coming generations, however, politicians think of next elections.
10.      Do not underestimate yourself. Every noble person is the architect of his fate, therefore rise through virtuous efforts. God helps those who help themselves.
Corruption is a ‘Great Sin’--Beware of it:
Corruption is the fraud and deception to the general masses, therefore, it disturbs the mental and moral conditions of the persons involved. Although, it brings financial richness to the corrupt but tends to disturb the spiritual status. The importance of reliance and credibility can be achieved through good character and positive thoughtful actions. One should try to become honest, kind and compassionate. Try to provide manual, financial and moral assistance to the needy. Always feel that you posses sufficient knowledge and skill in your profession. Do not exploit virtuous time and qualities.
Persons attached with the sense of spirituality realize that Almighty God is the sole benefactor and we all are His beneficiaries. Try to investigate your qualities and prepare a list of at least 20 persons who have developed confidence in your noble character and amiable behavior. The positive reactions provide extreme satisfaction, respect and success. Acquire humility, serenity and modesty of mind. Make your life span beneficial to human race through selfless and voluntary social services. True respect for humanity supersedes selfish motives and greed. We should develop heartfelt reverence and gratitude to our spiritual guide who provides initiation and motivates us to seek Divine bliss and attain eternity. Strong belief and regular meditation promotes physical, moral and eternal strength.
Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.        

The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.

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DGP BS Sandhu Press Conference in SIRSA about 1 month after Dera Episode

DGP BS Sandhu Press Conference in SIRSA and SP Sirsa Ashwin Shenvi IPS Statement about missing persons.
23 September, 2017
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant

Watch: DGP Haryana BS Sandhu Press Conference 23rd September 2017 held at Surkhab Complex SIRSA and Ashwin Shenvi SP Sirsa Statement about missing persons at the end of Video.
DGP Sh BS Sandhu summed up all the events of last one month, post the arrest of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Baba Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh. He spoke about Look-Out Notice for Dr. Aditya Insaan, Pawan Insaan & Honeypreet. He also informed about initiating the process of declaring process of declaring Dr. Aditya Insaan, Pawan Insaan & Honeypreet PO (Proclaimed Offenders). He assured the media that have POLICE is doing its job perfectly. DGP Sandhu was flanked by SP SIRSA Ashwin Shenvi IPS, ADGP Law & Order Mohd Akil IPS, IG Hisar Range Amitabh S Dhillon IPS.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Make your Life Sublime to Avoid Fear of Death – Dr TN Chugh

Make your Life Sublime to Avoid Fear of Death – Dr TN Chugh.

20 September, 2017

Make your Life Sublime to Avoid Fear of Death
Death of every living organism occurs due to stoppage of all biological functions which sustain life. The birth and death of each individual is extended throughout the world. Many persons arrive and many depart every day. Although, many person have the desire to live forever, but no one can avoid the ultimate end. “Death can be denoted as loss of life, dying, expiration, final exit, eternal rest, to leave the earth, to kick the live bucket, meet the lap of God, and passing away.” We all know that one day we have to leave this world, still we are afraid of death. But members of the family become unable to withstand our loss. They feel depressed but time heals the sedative loss. 
Causes of Death:
People generally consider that mortality may be due to natural evasions and excuse. Following reasons can bring end of life:
•          Natural calamity and mishaps—Earthquakes, storms, flood rise, excessive fires, famines, draughts, clap of thunder, flash lightning, volcanic eruption, severe pollution etc.
•          Severe Ailments--- Diseases that lead to stop Heart beat, failure of Kidneys, stoppage of breathing, cancer; adverse viral, bacterial or fungal diseases, AIDS, obstruction of senses, excessive intake of wrong medicines or intoxicants, starvation, dehydration, malnutrition, etc.
•          Accidents--- Air crash; collision of vehicles; sinking of boats or ships; derailment or other rail accidents; submersion of vehicles in river, lake or sea; down fall of vehicles from mountains; attack through vulgar forest animals; bite of poisonous snakes, scorpions etc.; personal mishaps.
•          Suicide --- Intake of poisons, death due to hanging, self burning, hitting with bullet or sharp weapon, self drowning in river or sea, poverty, problems of mental health.
•          Murder --- Attack with bullet, weapon, arrow or fire; hitting with vehicle, acid attack.
•          Battle among nations --- It can be through Military, Air or Naval force.
•          Terrorism --- Within or out of Nation.
•          Mental illness --- Fear of death or necro-phobia, anxiety, grief and sorrow, emotional pains, depression, sympathy and compassion, solitude, punishment of accumulated sins, concept of situations after death.
Almost 1, 50,000 people die every day around the world and about 2/3 people depart due to old age. Every person generally believes that the soul continues to exist without physical body and seeks re-incarnation.
The Emotional Alarm of Death:
Every human being is very prominent and supreme creation of eternal Divine Entity. The virtuous qualities of humanity are unique and exalted for all kinds of living beings. Therefore, the period of existence has to be vital, conscious, passionate and delightful. But the life span of every person is limited. The cause, conclusion time and place of death remain unknown to everyone. It is also being regulated through fortune governed by Lord.        
The event of departure from life is terrifying and painful incidence. The fear of death is surrender to mortality. It is not different from birth because it has to happen once. When a person overcomes the alarm of death, he becomes endless, infinite and most spiritual.
Positive concepts to overcome the Fear of Death:
Try to confirm that we have the virtuous thoughts and righteous mode of actions during our life period. We should be able to understand the meaning of Divine bliss to have created a community of family, relatives, friends and colleagues. We should think of spending better period of many years ahead of us than behind. Death is not any eminent loss; the greatest loss is due to rejecting the virtuous qualities of submission to humanity and reverence to God. Every parting is a form of death but every reunion is a type of heavenly grace. Love, laughter and peace of mind are able to cure our grief and depression. Our sufferings, failures, loneliness, sorrows, discouragement and diseases can be part of sad journey which may give indication to death even during life. Such death is nothing but to live defeated and inglorious. Time is precious and you can imagine for rebirth. Yesterday is like a cancelled cheque, tomorrow as promissory note but today is like ready cash, use it with full profit. Live this moment, live it fully now, in the present time. Life is sometime very busy, full of anxieties and agitations but death is calm, cool, silent and peaceful. Only the fear of death is painful which has to be totally baseless.

You can Make or Mar your Life:
Every moment of your righteous thoughts and actions can be constructive, creative, skillful and pleasing. But unfair and evil concepts become impairing and make the person more complicated by his agitation approach. The primary concern should be to calm down all the tensions of mind so that each one may be able to face even the heavy odds of life and go ahead. Believe it that you possess power to dispel fear and anxiety in a moment and thus change the trend in life. You should realize that you can do it.
You have to add specific and marvelous purpose to life in order to make it meaningful and zestful so as to achieve the utmost fulfillment from it. The person lives the best who thinks straight, feels noble and acts his part,  best on every stage of life (according to Divine Light). Soul is celestial, divine and immortal entity.  As per certain religious concepts, the transmigration of soul to any other race depends upon the generosity and subtle actions during life span.
Resolve to be Strong and Courageous:
The humble living must involve superb thinking, planning, actions and proper utilization of resources with positive aspects to achieve most favorable results. Every person must introspect from time to time so as to work for better prospects and prosperity. Even the elderly and experienced persons feel rejoiced to convey that righteous living should be peaceful, enriching and productive, without distress. No one should fear natural death because this event is certain, but the person cannot predict the death clock. Life is real and earnest but grave or cremation is not its goal. One may not do great things in life but can do many small things with love and respect. Never do wrong to anyone. Therefore, think good, do good, be good and you will enjoy with society. You must gather Divine inspiration for mind and spirit.
Longevity of Human Life:
The persons having good health and refined qualities live positively for a better period. The greatness is not inborn. It can be acquired through innovative tasks performed with esteemed knowledge, skill, perseverance and dedication. Life certainly involves all the practical efforts of daily living. Make attempts to perform tasks of social welfare on physical, mental and moral basis to elevate your spirit. Try to face the challenges and cope with worldly tumbles bravely. Living with chaste and superb morality is always praiseworthy. You can try to improve upon your destiny to be the creator of your future. Thus make your living extra-ordinary as you desire. Dare to be great and manifest that greatness to enhance your excellence and also bring dignity to those around you.
Try to carry firm belief in Divine Power: 
•          When the mind brought in harmony to the Divine, it acquires a sweet melody, arising from the inner rhythm of sweet consistent thoughts and feelings.
•          No one should leave the world without doing well for fellow beings at global level to the one’s ability. Above all one may depart the stage serenely invoking the presence of Divine.
•          Nobody has lived forever nor can anyone live forever now, but can achieve everlasting status through excellent thoughts and actions.
•          Adopt noble qualities of self reliance, admirable tasks, innovative concepts, enthusiasm, strong determination, appreciable team spirit and overall spiritual elevation.
•          Lead the life with highest ethical purity because spiritual progress can be possible through morality at grass root level. Our righteous performances endured with virtuous meditations become everlasting and eternal.
•          Each one of should exist to carry special mission and seek spiritual elevation to attain salvation.
•          We must continue our sincere efforts to achieve the benevolence of God so as to understand the real meaning and purpose of life. We must try to remain involved in regular prayer and meditation with commitment, patience and humility.
•          Every person has to delve deep and get engrossed in the limitless ocean of Divinity so as to cherish the eternal bliss.   

Contributed by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh. H.E.S.-I Retired.

The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years. The views expressed in the article are exclusive to Dr TN Chugh.

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CMK College students win accolades at Haryana Kala Parishad Golden Jubilee Festival held in Hisar.

2nd Prize Winner Team with Dr Vijaya Tomar Principal CMK Girls College
CMK College students win accolades at Haryana Kala Parishad Golden Jubilee Festival held in Hisar.

19 September, 2017
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant

Girl students of CMK National Girls PG College stood first in Haryanavi dance category district level competition in a mega event held at Hisar under the aegis of Haryana Kala Parishad Golden Jubilee Festival.
In a similar event held earlier of state level Haryanavi Dance Competition held in Kurukshetra, CMK College team had secured second place.

Under the directions of Dr. Ranjana Grover, of Department of Music , the students spell the color of their talent and made it enchanting. On this occasion, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, encouraged the participants by gifting cash prizes.

Dr. Vijaya Tomar, Principal CMK College said that CMK College students have always been leading in education, sports and all other cultural and co-curricular events. This victory is another feather in its cap. She congratulated the teams and staff members, and also thanked the management for promoting cultural activities.

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Dr Ashok Tanwar press conference on various recent issues of Haryana

Dr Ashok Tanwar press conference on various recent issues of Haryana.
16 September, 2017
Pictures and Videos: GS Mann, Amar Singh Jyani, Surender Sawant
Watch Video: Dr Ashok Tanwar press conference held on 14th September 2017 in Sirsa on various recent issues of Haryana.
सिरसा- प्रदेश कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष डॉ अशोक तंवर बयान।
-प्रत्येक मोर्चे पर विफल है केंद्र व प्रदेश सरकार।
-सिरसा में की पत्रकार वार्ता।
-प्रदेश कांग्रेस में नेतृत्व परिवर्तन की खबरें भाजपा प्लांटिंड।
-भाजपा और विरोधी लोग लगवा रहे झूठी खबरें।-छात्र संघों के चुनाव परिणाम भगवाकरण के खिलाफ फतवा।
-सांसदों और विधायकों की स्थिति खराब।
-सिरसा और पंचकूला में खराब हालातों के लिए सरकार जिम्मेदार।
-पेट्रोल-डीजल के दाम लगातार बढ़ रहे।ल
-100 रुपये प्रति लीटर बिकवा सकती पेट्रोल।
-ई-ट्रेडिंग को लेकर सरकार की नीति सही नहीं।
-हरियाणा में छात्र संघ चुनाव करवाये सरकार।
-बराला और डेरा प्रकरण में सरकार की बेशर्मी सामने आई।
-सरकार की चूक सामने आई।
-HPSC में सदस्य लगने के नाम पर 3 करोड़ की रिश्वत की बात उजागर हुई।
-रिश्वतखोरी और भ्रष्टाचार में हुई बढ़ोतरी।
प्रतिशोध व बेशर्मी से काम कर रही है भाजपा: तंवर
बोले, गलत नीतियों से हर वर्ग कर रहा त्राहि-त्राहि.

हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष डॉ. अशोक तंवर ने कहा कि आज केंद्र व प्रदेश की भाजपा सरकार हर मोर्चे पर बुरी तरह से फेल हो चुकी हैं और हर वर्ग भाजपा की कुनीतियों से त्राहि-त्राहि करते हुए सडक़ों पर है।
वे आज अपने आवास पर पत्रकारों से रूबरू हो रहे थे। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा सरकार ने देश व प्रदेश की अर्थव्यवस्था को पूरी तरह से चौपट कर दिया है। आलम ये है कि हरियाणा पर डेढ़ से दो लाख करोड़ रुपए का कर्ज है जबकि प्रदेश में विकास कहीं भी नजर नहीं आ रहा। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा की नीतियों से आज नौजवान, व्यापारी, कर्मचारी व किसान आदि सभी दुखी होकर इससे निजात पाने का विकल्प तलाश कर रहे हैं। कांग्रेस नेता ने कहा कि भाजपा ने जनादेश का अपमान किया है। अभी हाल ही में दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय में एनएसयूआई को मिली जीत यह दर्शाती है कि देश का युवा वर्ग कांग्रेस के विचारों से प्रभावित है और उसका समर्थन करता है।

डॉ. तंवर ने कहा कि कांग्रेस निकट भविष्य में हरियाणा में छात्र संघ के चुनावों सहित विद्यार्थियों के हितों से जुड़े मुद्दों को लेकर भी बड़ा आंदोलन खड़ा करेगी। उन्होंने कहा कि भाजपा अपनी गलत नीतियों के चलते हरियाणा को अनेक बार हिंसा की तरफ धकेल चुकी है और इसी हिंसा में अनेक लोग मौत का शिकार हुए हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि प्रदेश के भाजपा सांसदों व विधायकों की हालत पतली है क्योंकि सभी सांसद व विधायक जानते हैं कि भाजपा के तीन वर्ष के कार्यकाल में वे अपने-अपने इलाके में कहीं भी विकास की एक ईंट भी नहीं लगवा पाए हैं। उन्होंने आरोप जड़ा कि भाजपा ने सदैव देश व प्रदेश का भाईचारा खराब किया है। पंचकुला व सिरसा में जिस प्रकार सरकार की ढीली कार्यप्रणाली से हिंसा हुई, जनता आने वाले समय में ऐसे शासन को उखाड़ फैंकेगी। उन्होंने कहा कि महंगाई को नियंत्रित करने की बात कहने वाली भाजपा सरकार के शासन में ही पेट्रोल 80 रुपए प्रति लीटर व डीजल भी 65 से 70 रुपए प्रति लीटर तक पहुंच चुका है। उम्मीद की जा सकती है कि जब तक भाजपा सरकार शासन से जाएगी तब तक तेल की कीमत 100 रुपए प्रति लीटर तक पहुंच चुकी होगी जबकि अभी देश में कच्चे तेल की कीमत महज 31 रुपए प्रति बैरल है।

डॉ. तंवर ने कहा कि ई-नैम प्रणाली के माध्यम से सरकार आढतियों व किसानों के बीच के पारंपरिक रिश्तों में दरार डालकर उन्हें खत्म करने पर तुली है। प्रदेश में कांग्रेस प्रदेशाध्यक्ष बदले जाने की चर्चाओं को उन्होंने विरोधी नेताओं की ओर से षड्यंत्र करार दिया। उन्होंने कांग्रेस नेताओं पर सीबीआई छापे मारे जाने पर प्रतिक्रिया देते हुए कहा कि  उन्होंने भाजपा पर प्रतिशोध की भावना से काम करने का आरोप भी लगाया।